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Riviera Golf

Get up early in  the morning, meet the guys at the golf course, with great expectations for a “winning” round of golf…  then a little frustration, but lots of fun, and some exercise too. Wrap it up with lunch with the guys, and all in all, a very pleasant day!

The Riviera Golf Club has lots of fun out on the links, and at parties too.

Riviera Golfers at Pebble Creek July 7, 2022

Oct 19, 2022 (37° 20mph winds)

2023 Riviera Golf

The Riviera Men’s Golf Club 2023 season will be in full swing beginning Wednesday May 3 at Pebble Creek golf course. Additional courses for the season will be Hanover, Gambler Ridge, Lakewood, and one Wednesday at CreamRidge. The golf schedule below details dates, courses, first tee times (subject to change), and the maximum number of golfers per week. Weekly sign-up on the Riviera golf website will be accepted following our Wednesday golf session. Sign-ups are not guaranteed after midnight Saturday night. With limited tee times, early sign-up is suggested to avoid being shut out for the week.

Dues for the season will continue at $20.00. Cash or check (payable to me or cash) should be deposited in the golf club mailbox in the clubhouse by May 10, 2023. New members can contact me at or 732-915-8284 for additional information.

Remember, you are not your golf score. You are better than that!

John M. Chacko; Golf Club Coordinator



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