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Riviera Golf

Get up early in  the morning, meet the guys at the golf course, with great expectations for a “winning” round of golf…  then a little frustration, but lots of fun, and some exercise too. Wrap it up with lunch with the guys, and all in all, a very pleasant day!

The Riviera Golf Club has lots of fun out on the links, and at parties too.

Riviera Golfers at Pebble Creek July 7, 2022

Oct 19, 2022 (37° 20mph winds)

2024 Riviera Golf

The Riviera Men’s Golf Club will start its 2024 season at Hanover Golf Course on Wednesday, May 1. Other courses scheduled for this season are Gambler Ridge, Lakewood, Pebble Creek, and two rounds at CreamRidge.

The below golf schedule details dates, scheduled courses, first tee time (subject to changes), and maximum golfers per course. All scheduled dates are on a Wednesday except for our second week in May. We are scheduled on Thursday, May 9 at Pebble Creek.

Weekly sign-ups will be from Wednesday afternoon and NO LATER than Saturday noon. Courses require final numbers 3 days before our scheduled tee times. As usual, sign-up can be here, on the Riviera golf website or you can email me directly.

Dues for this season will continue at $20 payable by mid-May. Payment of cash or check payable to me should be deposited in the golf club mailbox in the clubhouse. New members can contact me at or 732-915-8284 for additional information.

Remember the best wood in a golfers bag is a pencil.

John Chacko; Golf Club Coordinator



The recent Riviera Golf Club activities are described below.

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2022 Riviera Men’s Golf Club Dinner

       On Friday, October 21, the Riviera Men's Golf Club held its annual end-of-season golf dinner. It was another great opportunity for the members and their significant others to mingle and enjoy a delicious 8 course meal.

 With three new members joining us for this 26-week season, we had 435 rounds of golf scheduled, and with the exception of one rainy Wednesday, the golf weatherman treated us well. 

        I am grateful to all the members who played through this season, Our Riviera webmaster Steve Ravner for maintaining the golf website page, and my golfing partner John Ernst who provided backup for me throughout the season.  

        Our 2023 season will commence on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. Season sign-up instructions and schedule will be in the April Ramblings. Remember; The secret of golf is to turn four shots into three.

        John M. Chacko, Golf Club Coordinator

2019 Men’s Golf Club Dinner

     As the 2019 golfing season comes to an end, we clean our golf clubs, scrape the dirt off our shoes, and store our golf bag for the winter. The final tee time to our season is our annual get together. This year, as in previous years, we were treated to a delicious five-course meal at Christie’s Restaurant, as all mingled and drank their favorite beverage in the comfort of a private room.
     The 2019 26-week schedule provided excellent weather except for two Wednesdays with drizzle. We experienced an increase in membership with 31 golfers joining the club. However, by seasons end three golfers relocated to a warmer climate, hopefully, for year-round golfing.
     The 2019 season would not have been such a success without its dedicated membership of golfers. I am extremely grateful to John Ernst, who provided back-up support when I was away. Also, I want to thank Steve Ravner for maintaining the golf page website, and my wife for designing and printing the dazzling table place cards. Next season our Club will have an identity on the course as Riviera golf towels were issued to the members (see photo).
     The 2020 golfing schedule will begin on May 6. The schedule and sign up information will be in the April Ramblings, and on the Riviera golf website.
John Chacko, Golf Club Coordinator

2018 Riviera Golf Club Dinner

     Following a 24-week golf schedule, our 2018 season came to an end on October 27. This season experienced a record number of members in the club. Without question, the member’s favorite course was Pebble Creek where all six tee times were filled each month. The only negative throughout the season was one rain-out and cart path restrictions due to heavy rains preceding our golf day. Following fun on the links, many members lunched at Solo Bella or Mia's where we exchanged golf stories and scores from our round, minus mulligans and harrigans!
     On October 12, we gathered for our annual golf dinner (see photo's) at Christie's Restaurant in Howell. As usual, the service and food were exceptional. It turned out to be a wonderful evening as all socialized and shared golf achievements from the season.
      I want to thank Steve Ravner for maintaining the golf page and sign-up form on the website. His dedication to maintaining the website is a benefit for our community.  A very special thank you to John Ernst who backed me up with sign-up and line-up changes at the courses throughout the season.
     Our 2019 season will commence on May 1, 2019.  Look for the season sign-up form in the April Ramblings.
      John Chacko, Club Coordinator

2017 Riviera Men’s Golf Club Dinner

     On Friday, November 17 the Riviera Men's Golf Club held their annual season ending dinner at Christie's Restaurant in Howell. It was a great opportunity for the club members and their wives to mingle as all enjoyed their favorite beverage before we started our eight course meal.

     The 2017 golf season experienced an increase in membership which required five tee times at some of our courses. The season only had one cancellation due to rain during our scheduled Wednesdays. Unfortunately, our Ryder Cup match against Regency at Monroe was rained out for the second year.

     Before the evening ended I thanked all the golfers for their participation in making 2017 another wonderful season. 

     Signup information for the 2018 season will be in the April Ramblings.


     John Chacko, Golf Club Coordinator

2016 Golf Dinner

     This year, our 28-week Riviera Golf Club season provided excellent weather except for two Wednesdays. All five courses we played were challenging and provided us with lively conversation as we lunched after nearly every round.   

     The 2016 season ended with a delicious five-course meal at Christie’s Restaurant in Howell. Christie’s private room atmosphere provided a great opportunity for all to mingle while enjoying some fine wine before dinner.

     At the conclusion of the evening, John Ernst expressed the golfers' appreciation for all the work John C. put into making this season a success. Especially the Ryder Cup Match against Regency in Monroe that unfortunately was rained out. Everyone is looking forward to a rescheduling of that match next year.

       The 2017 season will commence the first Wednesday in May. The schedule and sign up instructions will be posted in the April Ramblings.

John Chacko, Golf Club Coordinator

2015 Golf Dinner

     Our 2015 golf schedule ran from April 15 through October 28 with only two cancellations due to rain. We hit over 30,000 golf balls and probably lost more than 500 balls due to questionable hits. Our season however, was filled with laughs, some pranks and good lunches after each round. Our final gathering was a five-course dinner at Christie’s Restaurant in Howell, with our lovely wives.

     The 2016 season will be here before we know it. Our first Wednesday of golf will commence on April 20, 2016 at Gambler Ridge. The entire season schedule will be posted on the Riviera website in late March.

John Chacko            

2015 Golfers

Riviera Golfers at Hanover, August 12, 2015

Bright and early in the morning, ready to leave the cozy comfort of a warm bed, and head out to the “LINKS” for some exercise, fun and frustration.